Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom Nite Recap

Okay, so last night was my senior prom. Yall already know the whole process of getting ready and whatever. Went to go pick up the wife(date),who was taking forever to come out lol, then went back to the crib for the moms can take pictures you know. Went to a friends house where everybody met to take some more flicks and to eat and all that good shit.

Got to prom took the picture with the wifey and hit the dance floor asap! ha. It was pretty cool and the DJ was straight too. I still feel I can bring my ipod, plug it in and have shit poppin ya kno, but thats just me.

After prom it took a minute for the after party to get started but once it did it was pretty cool chillin wit all your friends you been to school with for four years and all that. You already know what goes down at these type of events. "That party last nite was awfully crazy i wish i....." yeah! & you know what goes down AFTER that!

p.s. I'll have pictures up soon!


  1. lol this story even with the lack of details makes me wish i would've went to my senior prom.