Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom Nite Recap

Okay, so last night was my senior prom. Yall already know the whole process of getting ready and whatever. Went to go pick up the wife(date),who was taking forever to come out lol, then went back to the crib for the moms can take pictures you know. Went to a friends house where everybody met to take some more flicks and to eat and all that good shit.

Got to prom took the picture with the wifey and hit the dance floor asap! ha. It was pretty cool and the DJ was straight too. I still feel I can bring my ipod, plug it in and have shit poppin ya kno, but thats just me.

After prom it took a minute for the after party to get started but once it did it was pretty cool chillin wit all your friends you been to school with for four years and all that. You already know what goes down at these type of events. "That party last nite was awfully crazy i wish i....." yeah! & you know what goes down AFTER that!

p.s. I'll have pictures up soon!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Tats!

So tuesday after school I went to get 3 more tats done. Im getting all the little tats done first that I want before I get the bigger ones. Taking it slow lol...
 Currently got my 3 next tats getting drawn up! Two of them are bigger ones. When he is done drawing them Im goin back in!  Thinking of ideas for the sleeves...

Here they go. Got any questions ask!

p.s. sorry for the shitty tat pictures lately lol. I need my cuzzo Grey to snap a few!


I havent been keeping everyone posted with me on the blog. I just recently moved and my internet was down on the computer!

Its all good now tho!

My prom is THIS SATURDAY. So yall know "AWWREADY" how its about to go down.

I'll let yall know probably sunday night when Im sobered up!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

FAST & FURIOUS. [4-3-09]

Went and checked this out last night with the girl and a few friends. Wanted to see the 9:50 showing but was sold out so we waited to see the one 10:50. Im not gonna sit here and give any parts of the movie out to any one who has not seen it but I will see its a must see and has to be the best "Fast & Furious" by FAR. What more can you ask for in a movie?  Fast cars, action & beautiful woman!! =)